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GP Curriculum has been developed as a flexible aid for everyone who wants to climb the ladder with strong and precise steps. Building a good resume is a must for every person who wants to work, especially beginners who don’t have a strong job history to back them up. The job market, just as every market, is aggressive and competitive, and in order to get what you want you need to be better than the rest, or at least seem convincingly better. The number one way to do so is to write, design and present a strong resume.


What we can do for you


GP Curriculum is an online portal entirely dedicated to aiding men and women of all ages and backgrounds to build a strong and engaging resume. We provide interactive tools, live feedback and useful information on the job market. If you want to achieve your goals, you can’t miss our updates

We offer a complete set of services that are extremely useful for everyone, regardless their particular aims and interests.

For as different as careers may seem from one another, the techniques and strategies that lead to success are very alike. Of course, every field of expertise or job area has its own particularities and custom tips, but most of the advice that can help you achieve your goal will apply perfectly, no matter what you intend to do.


So, unless we tell you otherwise, you should take on account all our advice and try all our tools, because they will be of great use to you.

Our tool 

We proudly present the GP Curriculum Generator Tool, our exclusive software designed to help you build a stunning resume that will catapult you to success. All doors can be opened with a good curriculum, and this tool is the perfect way to generate a winning piece. As you should know, to convince others that there is worth in you, you should be good, but most important of all, you must look good. The same rule applies to your resume.

With the GP Curriculum Generator Tool, you will be able to easily create a vibrant, professional and appealing resume. Just load your information and use one of our over 50 templates created by the best graphic designers. 

Use the provided contact form to request a 40 days trial free access key. Take your time to explore all features of GP Curriculum Generator Tool. Create custom resumes for different job areas, personalize your curriculum and make it unique and convincing. Your dream job has never been closer!





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Americans say that knowing is half the battle, and at this point we agree. Information is vital to be prepared for what’s coming. That’s why we constantly update our news section! Check it now and stay in touch for new articles!


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Percy Rawson

" "I have absolutely NO idea about how to write a resume. I was terrified when facing my first job search. I know that GP Curriculum played a huge part in me getting a job so fast. People usually underestimate resumes; now I know they shouldn't." "

Elena Jacobson

" "GP Curriculum got me in track from the very beginning. I wrote a highly effective resume with its online templates and building tools and then I invited all my friends to try it. It's a great tool to get a good job in a short time." "

Gray Lloyd

" "I was nearly desperate when I first heard about GP Curriculum. I hadn't been able to find a job since forever and I really needed one to support my family. After I tried its online templates, I realized my problem. My resume just looked awful. A few touches here and there were all I needed." "